Commercial Products...


Latest release: Nov, 2016

A transport hub for SNMP traps. Correlate, threshold, enrich, filter, translate SNMP versions, and then forward to multiple SNMP managers. More...


Latest release: Feb 2016

An access hub for real-time data/events. For over a decade, SocketStation has proven itself in critical operations centers. More...

Other Work...

Augur® — NMS

A manager-of-managers NMS to analyze event streams, generate alerts, and notify personnel — deployed by telecoms across the U.S. and internationally. After 15 years and four major versions, it is undergoing an overhaul that will not be backward-compatible. So at this time, Augur in not available to new customers.


We develop custom implementations of standard protocols when commercial or open-source options do not meet the needs or quality required for our commercial products. We make some of these implementations open-source:

Developer Blog

Our software addresses unique situations, so sometimes we are the first to document technical issues. Programmers around the world discover these links when searching for help: