Network management software for large IT departments
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New release, v20: January 23, 2022

TrapStation is a modern solution for SNMP trap filtering, forwarding, logging, and reporting.

Companies that rely on enterprise-grade SNMP management systems (CA Spectrum®, IBM Netcool®, BMC TrueSight, Moogsoft®, etc.) use TrapStation to make it all work better.

TrapStation is a transport hub for SNMP traps/notifications. Correlate, threshold, enrich, filter, translate SNMP versions, and forward to multiple SNMP managers. Then view graphs, search history, replay traps for testing. Overview… Use Cases… What Customers Say…


An access hub for real-time alarms/events. For over a decade, SocketStation has proven itself in critical operations centers. With its plug-ins, SocketStation connects to event sources, including proprietary equipment and odd protocols. Then it logs events, and streams the raw data to any listeners via plain sockets. Live events suddenly become easier to access for multiple stakeholders and purposes. More…