Software for operators of large networks
New for 2015


A transport hub for SNMP traps: correlate, threshold, enrich, filter, translate SNMP versions, and then forward to SNMP managers. More...


An access hub for real-time data/events. For over a decade, SocketStation has proven itself in critical operations centers. More...


A new alternative to Apache, Tomcat, node.js, and other web servers. Optimized for modern client-side dynamic web design. Stand-alone or Java-embedded. Users include TrapStation and (You're testing it right now.) Contact us for more information.


An open-source alternative to Java's built-in RMI. It blocks for synchronous remote method calls (like RMI), or communicates asynchronously like a message bus (e.g. JMS), and works well through NAT and firewalls. We use it in SocketStation and TrapStation. More...


A manager-of-managers NMS to analyze event streams, generate alerts, and notify personnel — deployed by telecoms across the U.S. and internationally. After 15 years and four major versions, it is undergoing an overhaul that will not be backward-compatible. So at this time, Augur is no longer offered to new customers.