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New release, v23 — August 28, 2023

TrapStation is a modern solution for SNMP trap filtering, forwarding, logging, and reporting.

Companies that rely on enterprise-grade SNMP management systems (CA Spectrum®, IBM's Netcool®, BMC's TrueSight, Moogsoft®, etc.) use TrapStation to make it all work better.

TrapStation is a transport hub for your SNMP v1, v2, and secure v3 traps. Your text events too—syslog, web/REST, and more—optionally converted to traps.

Your graphical rule tree will categorize, enrich, filter, translate, and forward your events to all of your management systems, and directly to Splunk, Kafka, JSON logs, and more.

Thousands of events per second can choke any NMS. Yet event storms do happen. TrapStation's validation system is optimized for that workload, and to eliminate common noise patterns for your NMS. Thousands of short-lived or "flapping" alert/clear pairs can be reduced to one alert and and clear event, to keep your NMS on its feet.

Beyond graphs, TrapStation's web interface lets you search history, and dive into details. Even replay your selected events at any speed for testing your NMS.

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Latest release: Feb 2, 2023

An access hub for real-time alarms/events. For over a decade, SocketStation has proven itself in critical operations centers. With its plug-ins, SocketStation connects to event sources, including proprietary equipment and odd protocols. Then it logs events, and streams the raw data to any listeners via plain sockets. Live events suddenly become easier to access for multiple stakeholders and purposes.